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Practical Communication Theory

By Dave Adamy

Hardcover, 160 Pages


The techniques explained in this textbook/handbook allow you to generate quick and accurate antenna, receiver and propagation answers to communications, electronic warfare and reconnaissance system questions like:

bulletWhat is the effective range of a communication system?
bulletHow far will it work in heavy rain?
bulletHow far will it operate over a ridge line?
bulletWhat receiver sensitivity is required?
bulletWhat type of antenna is best for this application?
bulletHow much transmitter power is required?
bulletHow much will a preamplifier improve the sensitivity?
bulletHow much link margin do I have (or do I need)?
bulletHow much FM improvement will this signal provide?
bulletWhat signal quality will this digital link provide?


This book will answer these questions and many more . . . with nomographs and simple to use formulas.


INTRODUCTION: Definitions. Assumptions. Scope of the book.

ABOUT dB: Conversion to dB form. Absolute values in dB form. dB forms of equations

SIGNAL TO NOISE RATIO: Noise, SNR. RFSNR. Signal to quantization ratio. Background noise.

THE COMMUNICATION LINK: Information signals. Transmitters. Receivers. Antennas.

THE LINK EQUATION: Spreading loss. Atmospheric loss. Signal strength at various points in the link.

Required margin, sensitivity, transmitter power and antenna gain. Effective range. Interfering

signals. Dynamic range

RECEIVER SENSITIVITY: kTB. Noise figure. Required SNR for all common modulations.

CHALLENGING CONDITIONS: Rain and fog attenuation. Non-line-of-sight transmission. Doppler


APPENDIXES: Derivations of equations and charts. Quick formulas for antennas, sensitivity and


About the Author

Dave Adamy has actually used all of the working tools presented in this book . . . during more than 30 years as an engineer and manager involved in the design, manufacture, testing and field support of a wide range of systems and subsystems which either transmit or receive radio signals in environments from submarines to space . . . over frequency ranges from just above DC to just above light. Dave has two engineering degrees and many publications in communications related fields. He is owner of a company which performs communications and related design studies for the government and prime contractors and teaches communications and electronic warfare short courses all over the world.


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Several supplementary booklets to this volume are available

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