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Supplements to Practical Communication Theory Book

These are designed as supplements to the Practical Communication Theory book. They are extremely useful to an instructor teaching the link equation or to individuals who are instructing themselves. The booklets should be used only in conjunction with the text book, since they reference specific pages and equations in the book and are not designed to stand alone.

 Practical Communication Theory Applied to Electronic Warfare

This 12 page booklet extends the link equation formulas in the Practical Communication Theory Book to simple Electronic Warfare applications. Jamming to signal ration and burn through range equations are explained and their equations are presented in simple dB form. Communication jamming, self protection jamming, and stand-off jamming examples are presented. There are also worksheets for an instructor to assign additional exercises.

 Practical Communication Theory Applied to Communication Satellites

This 12 page booklet converts the equations presented in the Practical Communication Theory book into the common forms used for satellite communication (C/kT, Eb/No, G/Ts, Noise Temperature, etc.)

 Practical Communication Theory Exercise Worksheets

This 20 page booklet provides worksheets for exercises on each of the principle calculations presented in the Practical Communication Theory book. In each case, one exercise is completed and there are spaces on the worksheet for an instructor to assign two more exercises.

 Price for each of these booklets: $3.00

Shipping: No charge if ordered along with Practical Communication Theory book

Otherwise, $1.00 per booklet in US and Canada or $2.00 International

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