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By Dave Adamy Engineering

Softcover, 103 pages

Unlike most (perhaps all) other proposal preparation textbooks, this one is not aimed at the proposal manager -- but at the technical contributors that must prepare individual sections of proposals. Acknowledging that technical professionals hate to write . . . particularly to write proposals . . . it presents a set of painless techniques to get excellent proposal ink onto paper. . . even by people who know they can’t write. The book is written in a straight forward (often humorous) style that focuses on "how to do it."


THE PROPOOSAL PROCESS: The proposal and proposal evaluation process. How the customer decides

who wins. Selling themes. Steps in supporting the win. Contact with the customer. Two silly games to help "cut to the chase."

PROPOSAL LOGISTICS: Proposal preparation area. The wall. Marshalling the company’s assets.

COMPLIANCE: Requirements analysis. Assignment sheets. Compliance Matrix. Exceptions and


OUTLINE AND PAGE COUNT: The required outline vs. the actual required outline. Allocating page


ESTABLISHING WINNING THEMES: Flow down of themes. Picking themes. Writing theme


STORYBOARD PREPARATION: Easy steps in preparing effective, no-nonsense story boards.


DESIGNING EFFECTIVE GRAPHICS: The role of graphics. Selecting types of graphics. Where to find

sources for graphics. How to make them effective. How to do (or adapt) line drawings (block diagrams, schematics, software flow diagrams, mechanical drawings, bubble charts, "Whoopee charts,"). How to design effective graphs. Artist’s concepts (working with an artist). Selecting and cropping photographs. Tables and computer print-outs.

WRITING TEXT THAT SELLS: How to write "without actually writing" (Logical, step by step process

that gets the ink painlessly on the page).

THE REVIEW PROCESS: The series of reviews. Being an effective review team member.


About the Author

Dave Adamy has literally prepared (and managed the preparation of) hundreds of proposals: As a technical contributor, proposal manger, and now as a proposal consultant to companies. He also presents proposal preparation short courses

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