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By Dave Adamy and Terry Fisk

Softcover, 96 pages

This is a very special cartoon book – about the widely varied individuals who make up the Electronic Warfare profession. Since EW professionals call themselves "Crows," each cartoon features a humanoid crow character (named E.W. Crow) who finds himself in various roles typical of the profession. The cartoons illustrate everyday occurrences in the lives of the patriotic, hard working (but some would argue strange) people who perform this important work.

After a brief, very non-technical definition of the technical field and some of the terminology used every day (like for example, the origin of "Crow" it has a section of cartoons on each of the principle types of professionals represented: The peddler. The engineer. The computer type. The user. The COTR. The Boss. The university crow. The bean counter. The program manager. The security type. The maintenance type. The antenna and microwave types. The consultant.

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Then there are sections about how we see our selves and some orphan cartoons that didn’t fit into any category but were to true to leave out.

All of the profits from sales of this book are donated toward college scholarships for engineering and computer science students.

About the Authors

Dave Adamy has been a Crow for more years than he likes to admit, and has committed most of the foibles illustrated in the cartoons. Terry Fisk is a commercial artist who works in the EW industry.



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