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By Dave Adamy and Terry Fisk

Softcover, 96 pages

This is a book of cartoons and commentary on the way people in the Electronic Warfare profession see the world.

The cartoons (featuring EW Crow) are inside humor to the profession, about funny (if you don’t think about them too hard) things that happen in the course of professional work. EW Crow is the name of a character; half crow half human, but all sympathetic to the "Crow’s" point of view.

The commentary is in the form of 27 humorous or poignant short essays on subjects of importance to members of the profession. They include: A word about EW and Crows and such. Observing a basic training parade. Specmanship. Winter air travel. Thoughts inspired by the statue La Pieta. The sinking of the ship Vasa in Stockholm harbor in 1628. The infantry platoon in the night attack (an ROTC cadet story). The proposal follies. They’ll try to prune your family tree (about speaking through a translator. Freedom is not always free. The gulf war. . . . and many more.

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All of the profits from sales of this book are donated toward college scholarships for engineering and computer science students.

About the Authors

Dave Adamy has been editor of an Association of Old Crows chapter news letter for many years. The essays in this book started life as editorials that members have named their favorites over the years. Terry Fisk is a commercial artist who works in the EW industry. His E.W. Crow cartoons in the same newsletter have brought many a smile over the years.



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