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Rebs & Yanks

By Gary Waltrip and Rusty Summarell

Softcover, 96 pages

This is a book of cartoons and short essays about Civil War reenactors. Reenactors are real sticklers for historical accuracy in their uniforms and equipment and in the tactics they demonstrate during their weekend reenactments of Civil War battles. They often appear as extras in Civil War movies – using their own equipment.

The essays (each about two pages – most are humorously written, but all are scrupulously accurate) describe uniforms, food, civil war history (the two page version), Hardee’s tactics, safety considerations, taking hits, various types of reenactors (the overly authentic, the doc, the suttler, officers, etc.), and reenactor’s strongly held views about subjects like the preservation of Civil War battle sites.

The cartoons star two friends who reenact. One is a yank and the other an overly authentic rebel. Their families and all of the types of reenactors get into the act. They express the inside humor of the hobby and the shared attitudes of reenactors.

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About the Authors

Gary Waltrip (the wirter) and Rusty Summarell (the cartoonist) are both dedicated Civil War reenactors. The humor and attitudes expressed in their essays and cartoons come directly from "the field." Other reenactors who have read this book agree that they are "right on."



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