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Overview/Summary Booklet Series

A series of booklets (24 to 32 pages) which provide quick summary overviews of the terminology and basic concepts of selected subjects. Accurate, but not complex, they are ideal for the layman or as handouts when experts are making introductory explanations to laymen. The following booklet subjects available at this time:

Electronic Warfare Principles and Practice

An overview of the terms, concepts, and basic approaches applicable to Electronic Warfare. Describes EW benefits, types of threats, EW subfields, jamming approaches, and radar & communication operation.

Spread Spectrum Techniques

Describes the purpose and benefits of spread spectrum communication. Describes frequency hopping, chirp, and direct sequence approaches

Electronic Warfare Simulation

Descries the terms, concepts, and basic approaches applicable to Electronic Warfare modeling and simulation. Covers computer simulation, operator interface simulation, and signal emulation. Briefly describes the major considerations in training and equipment testing simulation.

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