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Practical Communication Theory
A hardcover textbook/handbook providing easy ways to get numerical answers to Radio Communication problems

Practical Communication Theory Supplements

Booklets extending the equations to specific fields.

Proposal Preparation For Technical Staff Contributors

A practical, hands-on manual to help technical professionals prepare sections of proposals with a minimum of pain -- provides step by step "how to do it" instructions

A Bird’s Eye View of the EW Profession

A cartoon book about the people who make up the Electronic Warfare Profession.

EW Folks

Cartoons and short essays expressing the point of view of Electronic Warfare Professionals

Rebs & Yanks

A book of cartoons and short essays about Civil War ReEnactors

Overview/Summary Booklet Series

A series quick overview booklets for laymen covering Electronic Warfare Principles and Practice, Electronic Warfare simulation, and Spread Spectrum Techniques.

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