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Fundamental Principles of Electronic Warfare

Four days


Course description:  This course provides insight into the whole electronic warfare field at the systems and operational level.  It uses little math beyond algebra, yet the sources of important propagation and jamming equations are made amply clear.  All information needed to understand the material is explained and included in the texts.  Both the course and the texts avoid deep mathematical coverage, explaining all concepts in practical, physical terms.


Outline: Electronic warfare support and electronic intelligence: RF propagation, direct detection, IFM, Superheterodyne, compressive and Bragg-cell receivers, signal sorting and identification, direction finding, receiving systems. Radar Principles  EP in Modern Radars Electronic Attack: Jamming equations, denial jammers, deceptive jamming of radars, power management, expendable jammers, decoys, UAVs, reflectors and absorbers, radar cross section reduction, LPI radar, camouflage, chaff, communications jamming. Electro-optic fundamentals. IR/EOsystems: communications, line scanning imaging systems, forward looking infrared systems, low light level television, night vision devices, laser radars, missile guidance, laser weapons, EO EW support, IR electronic protection. System integration. Antiradiation missiles Defense against missile systems: Defense of strike aircraft, anti-ship missile defense. Test and evaluation. Trends in electronic warfare/electronic combat.


Who should attend:  This course is ideal for experienced engineers expert in one aspect of EW who want to round their EW education, engineers and advanced technicians new to the field, and those who need to understand how their products and subsystems fit into the big picture.

Texts:  (1)Hard cover textbook, EW101 (2001 Artech House) by Dave Adamy.  (2)Hard cover textbook, EW102 (Artech House) by Dave Adamy (2004, Artech House) by Dave Adamy. These books are based on the popular EW101 columns in the JED, but are organized into chapters with additional material for continuity. (3)Booklet, EW Fundamentals Additional Material.  (4)Booklet, Electronic Protection (All texts provided as part of course).  Participants in the classified day will also receive a classified handout covering the visual aids from the classified presentation and with room for classified class notes.


About the Instructor

Dave Adamy is an internationally recognized expert in electronic warfare who writes the popular monthly EW-101 column in the JED.  He has an MSEE degree (Communication theory) and over 40 years experience as a systems engineer and program technical director, developing EW systems from DC to Light, deployed on platforms from submarines to space, with specifications from QRC to high reliability.  He has published over 140 professional articles on Electronic Warfare, receiver system design and closely related subjects.  He has ten books in print.

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