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Tactical Battlefield Communications

Electronic Warfare

3 day course


            This course covers techniques for setting up intercept and jamming links for Electronic Warfare (EW) against ground to ground enemy communication signals, UAV command and data links and weapon control links.  It starts with a discussion of the one-way communication link, then covers the important propagation modes for communication band EW, modern signal modulations, and the techniques for predicting intercept and jamming performance as a function of the tactical geometry and local terrain.  Finally, it provides step by step procedures for setting up intercept and jamming links against enemy tactical communications, UAVs and remotely controlled weapons.


Note that abbreviated versions of this course are available in day and 1 day formats


Outline dB math; Basic link equation; Selection and calculation of appropriate propagation model: Line of sight loss, 2 ray loss, or knife edge diffraction; Digital Communication; Frequency hopping and other LPI threats; UAV Payload/link Issues; Intercept links; Communications Jamming (analog and digital); and Partial band jamming.


Attendees will receive the hard cover text book, Practical Communication Theory by the instructor; the booklet Tactical Battlefield Communications Electronic Warfare, a course syllabus covering material above that in the text books, a new antenna and propagation slide rule, and a scientific calculator.


The presenter, Dave Adamy has spent decades as systems engineer and technical manager in the EW field, and is an acknowledged expert in communications band EW.  He is currently providing consulting support to the development and presentation of counter IED techniques and operator courses. He has published over 150 technical articles related to EW, including the popular EW101 column in the Journal of Electronic Defense, and has 10 books in print.  He teaches EW related courses for Military, Government and Industry organizations in the US an in allied countries.

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