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Technical Short Courses


Adamy Engineering provides in-house short courses in Electronic Warfare and Communication Theory related subjects.  These courses have been presented dozens of times to Military, Government and industry organizations in the US and allied countries.  They are presented from published text books written by the presenter, are practical, hands-on presentations of material that is immediately useful to those engaged in any aspect of the covered subjects.  They explain concepts, systems and techniques in physical rather than mathematical terms and include in-class problems as well as lecture and directed discussion.  Any of these courses can be (and typically are) tailored to your organizationís specific areas of interest.  The following courses are available:


bulletElectronic Warfare Introduction/Overview
bulletFundamentals of Electronic Warfare (3 or 4 days)*
bulletAdvanced Electronic Warfare (4 days)*
bulletUnmanned Aerial Vehicle Missions, Links and Payloads (4 days)*
bulletTechnical Aspects of Electronic Warfare for Non-technical professionals (1/2 or 1 day)
bulletTactical Battlefield Communications Electronic Warfare (1/2 day, 1 day, or 3 days)*
bulletPractical Communication Theory (1 day)


Organizations very often combine parts of multiple courses to meet their special needs.


bulletAn extra day (classified) is available for appropriately cleared military, government and industry organizations.


Adamy Engineering has a DUNS number and is registered with the US DoD Central Contractor Registration Database. 

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