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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Missions, Links and Payloads

                Four days, unclassified presented by Dave Adamy


Course Description:           This is a practical course which covers the types of UAVs available, the types of missions they support, the technical requirements for all UAV command and data links, the flight profiles required for various missions, the system level design of various types of payloads, and the requirements which various types of payloads place on command and data links.  Attendees will learn to calculate link throughput performance and the data rates associated with each type of payload in typical missions.


The main point of the course is the flow of requirements from the mission through the payload, through the link to the user.  Attendees will learn to make the important calculations for each step of the process.


Course Outline: Types of UAVs and their missions Link and payload specifications Command Links, Data Links, Broadcast links, Relay links Imagery, IRLS, SAR, MTI, Laser designator, Jamming and Electronic reconnaissance payloads Error correction codes Video compression Vulnerability of links to jamming


Who should attend:  Technical, management and operational professionals with responsibility for the selection, design and operation of UAVs, UAV links, and UAV payloads for any military or civil application.


Texts:  Hard cover text book, Practical Communication Theory (by the presenter), a text supplement extending to jamming equations, a course notebook with copies of visual aids and application notes, and several other handouts.


Prerequisites:  Only a general technical background and basic Algebra is required.


Instructor:            Dave Adamy is an internationally recognized expert in electronic warfare who writes the popular monthly EW-101 column in the JED.  He has over 30 years experience as a systems engineer and program technical director, developing EW systems from DC to Light, deployed on platforms from submarines to space, with specifications from QRC to high reliability.  He was principle investigator on two link/payload studies for the UAV JPO.  He has published over 120 professional articles on Electronic Warfare, receiver system design and closely related subjects.  He holds an MSEE (Communication theory) and has ten books in print.

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